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HVBRIS Fire Whip

Hellion has been cracking whips for over 15 years, and taught Hobbit how over five years ago. We purchased two double-belly nylon bullwhips from Florida Cracker Bullwhips to use in our performances, and could not be happier. We have used the whips in every situation and they perform beautifully. The craftsmanship is fantastic, the action perfect, and the quality of the product is well beyond the price point.

We liked FCB's work so much that we commissioned something special. We own multiple other commercial fire whips, and noted a serious lack of quality products available. The only other commercially viable product has an 8-10 week waiting period, being (previously) the only real fire whip available.

FCB took on the project, and we have worked with him for over a year to produce a newly designed fire whip. This fire whip is constructed with the same care and detail that he gives to his leather and nylon whips. The new fire whip performs just like his regular whips, and has more material and body than other commercially available whips (two bellies and two bolsters, vs one belly and one bolster). We could not be happier with his work and are proud to associate ourselves with such a fine craftsman.

Here is a video review and demo we did to help promote this new product. If you're looking for a new fire whip, and want something beautifully crafted by a very talented craftsman and whipmaker, please consider Florida Cracker Bullwhips.
-Hobbit, on behalf of Hubris


We here at HVBRIS Labs try to bring innovation and artistry not only to our performances but to our equipment as well. Here you will find a variety of fire toys that we have created for ourselves. Our skills include poi, staff, fans, palm torches, swords, hoops, marionettes, whips, and more. We have made some of these for ourselves, and intend to continue our research and development. To that end, HVBRIS Labs serves as the experimental arm of HVBRIS. We do make these for others, please contact us if you are interested in commissioning a piece of work.